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Coming in to a studio physically to practice can be a barrier to some people. Whatever the reason may be, our online programs and offerings were inspired by accessibility and comfort. You get to practice in the comforts of your own space, a space that feels safe for you and doesn’t limit you physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to practice the way you want to. We offer both live and recorded versions of our online programs.


We love to give back to the community through the Pahingalay practice. This is our way of showing and expressing gratitude for being here and being able to connect and share our practice with others. If you are a non-profit organization, a self-supported community, an educational or nursing facility, looking for and needing a volunteer yoga teacher, we are here for you! The aforementioned is not exclusive or limited to said industries or communities. Please connect with us for more information.


Need a 10-minute breaktime activity for your team, either to energize or help transform or redirect the energy of the room? We offer our Pahingalay programs and services to companies and organizations looking for energetically meaningful activities at the start, middle, or at the end of any convening, meeting, or retreat. Our activites are unique and designed to meet the office and corporate setting. We select Asanas that can be performed by any person regardless of experience, ability, and even outfit. We offer online, in-person, and recorded versions of our activities. Do you have questions about accommodations for your team or participants? Send us a message!

Our Practice

Here are some of the principles that we apply into our practice:

  • Yoga nidra

  • Trauma-informed yoga