Pahinga Rest | Hinga Breathe | Alay Offer

Yoga Nidra + Trauma-informed + Intersectional

We believe

Here at Pahingalay [Pahingalay Project] we believe in returning to the very foundation of healing and recovery -- resting, breathing, and offering ourselves the grace that we are so worthy of. The practice of Pahingalay allows us to heal and recover physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

When we talk about yoga being for everybody, it means that it is inclusive, accessible, invites and welcomes everyone regardless of their identity. Intersectionality in yoga means inviting and welcoming students and practitioners to bring and express their own cultural and/or spiritual practices on the mat.



You deserve rest. You do not need to accomplish anything important to deserve rest You do not need to be Pagod, or tired, to deserve rest. Resting doesn’t mean stagnation or “rusting”. Rest is a practice for physical, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual recovery and growth. We are here to support you in getting the rest that you deserve through simple and/or deep rest practices that you can apply at home, work, or wherever deep rest can benefit you.



Breath is our life force. In Hindu, breath, or prana, symbolizes life, energy, life support, movement, purity, fire, soul, divinity, protecting power, source of speech, a manifestation of existence in all beings. We are here to support you in using the power of your breath in transforming the physical, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual energies coming in and out of the Kalooban, or Inner Self through practical breathing practices.



What can you offer your Katawan, or body, today? In India, people perform pujas, or rituals, for different Gods and Godesses to express their unwavering love towards these idols. Your own body deserves to be offered the same devotional love. We are here to remind you and support you in offering your body the love, honor, gratitude, and respect it deserves.

What is Pahingalay?

Pahingalay or ᜉᜑᜒᜅᜎᜌ᜔ in Baybayin [Filipino Indigenous script], is an archaic Tagalog term that denotes a deep state of restfulness, where mind, body & spirit becomes one, where being/becoming and doing are integrated. Where one enters into kalooban (inner self) and comes to know! Pahingalay is a dwelling place, a place of refuge.

The word is also synonymous to the term “descansar” or “to rest”. Dr. Tess Obusan cited that pahingalay can be analyzed by the component words or concepts embedded within the word — pahinga (rest), hinga (breath), and alay (offering or sacrifice) -- not too far from what prayer is all about."